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Step this way Leni Lose Weight 22 Kg, Want to Try?


Step this way Leni Lose Weight 22 Kg, Want to Try?

Cirebon - Have a Body height 165 cm and weight 87 kg Agency, Leni Putri Pertiwi (24) also curious wanting to lose weight are looking steps Agency. Looking for info on the internet, he found kisa-tale Diet Experience and try to apply it. The period of Area 5 bln., His body weight successfully dropped from the beginning so 65 kg 87 kg. Until now also he admits is still applying a healthy diet was so heavy body was not up again. The story of her diet, as written detikHealth on Thursday (06/10/2016): prefix is ​​my intention to try to change eating habits and physical flurry to lose weight is because of Agency view the article in detikHealth Diet Experience. There are also articles related to the popular Instagram. I thought, yes I can or do not like them. Because my graduation period will close, so I have no intention to try it in order to be able to look different. With a strong will and is supported by my mother, I also do a healthy living program. I replace my carb menu from the beginning of rice so yams and cassava. I also avoid fried foods, and sugar and salt is too excessive. So that I do not get off the blood insistence always, I mensiasatinya with amaranth and chicken livers. Honestly I do not have a special time for exercise, until I mensiasatinya with also multiply on foot. Do not forget to also drink plenty of water. When you sign bln. Ramadan me rest for a moment on this program, but I still protect my diet time of iftar and sahur, thank God there was no rise. After bln. Ramadan I go back on a diet again, and this time my weight stabilized at 65 kg. With the weight of the current Board, I have been able to buy clothes berkuran L, which was once though did not fit. I still protect that Body weight remained stable with diet first. Read also: Diet Story Fris: Down Weight 29 Kg For Breakfast Banana, and Oatmeal (ajg / mrs)

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