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Sample Menu Foods To Increase Weight

Sample Menu Foods To Increase Weight

Do not carelessly taking food to gain weight. Because only diet that mandatory food you consume to gain weight. If consumed in vain it is not a healthy weight loss you get, but the bad fats that accumulate harmful to health.

In addition to risk for severe disease, accumulate fat also makes an appearance unattractive and difficult to move. Therefore, choosing the best food becomes an important point to raise the weight.

How to Increase Weight

Menu Foods To Increase Weight
To get a healthy body weight, the key is how to facilitate better absorption of food. Foods containing a lot of omega-3 that facilitated this process. Here are some healthy diet to gain weight ideal as quoted from


Banana milkshakes and protein supplements


Vanilla smoothie with powdered Flaxseed
Bread with butter / cheese
Terlur omelet / red beans

By noon

Pineapple juice coconut milk with peanuts


Rice / bread
Fish / chicken / cheese / tofu
Lentil salad / lentil cooking
Potato / vegetable

Late afternoon

Milk with a protein supplement
Bean mixture 30 gms
Toast with honey


Rice / pasta / noodles / cereal
Cheese / fish / chicken / soy / vegetable mushroom


Jelly / ice cream

Before sleeping

Bananas or other fruits

You can try the menu above for at least three months. In that time you will see the results and gain weight as desired, unless there are other factors that lead to weight loss. Do not forget to keep the body balanced with the more athletic sports and shows.

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