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Cold-temperature chamber Help Lose Weight - K

Cold-temperature chamber Help Lose Weight - K
 cold room temperature may cause discomfort, but it turned out to be in the room with low temperatures could have a positive effect on weight loss and prevent obesity. Research at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, shows cold temperatures proved to force the body to expend more energy. The energy is used to fortify the discomfort arising from unused dingin.Energi temperature causes the body to use more fat and carbohydrate reserves. By doing so, the amount of fat reserves and carbohydrates in the body is reduced and the impact on weight loss badan.Menurut study leader, Wouter var Marken Lichtenbelt, this study aims to determine the environmental temperature exposure advantages that continue to occur. "" Most of us continued exposure to the ambient temperature, especially on the conditions in the room. Therefore, it is important to know the benefits of such exposure, "" ujarnya.Riset is actually related to previous studies of the body's defense mechanism against the cold. In this research said, trembling and other reactions to the cold and the heating mechanism of the body. The mechanism prevents the body exposed to hypothermia (freezing). During these mechanisms takes place, the body heat production can be increased fivefold. This is because the metabolism and fat burning occur more cepat.Selain heating mechanism of the body, research results also showed that cold temperatures can improve workout results and prevent weight gain. This is very useful for people who do a passive lifestyle (sedentary) .One research suggesting it is a study conducted together with Japanese scientists. In this research, exposure to a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius can reduce quite a lot of fat in the body for six weeks. The research also stated, temperatures are warm and cozy risk of causing obesity. A comfortable temperature also makes the residents vulnerable terkeda adverse effects of temperature changes suddenly tiba.Kendati research and knowledge of the benefits of temperature has been known, but the interest for further research appeared recently. It is related to the number of obese people in the United States that reached a third of the population lives. With these findings, the weight control not only be done in the gym, but it can be done at any time, including while on the move in space.
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